Grinsty Rail Interiors is a SME based in the Midlands, the centre of the rail industry in Britain, specialising in the sustainable refurbishment of rail transportation interiors.

Our Expertise in Refurbishment

Our expertise in the refurbishment of rail vehicle seats, includes all areas of the seats including armrests, seat shells, covers, headrests, cushions for all types of seats including passenger seats, drivers, and non-drivers. Our offering includes mainline, underground rolling stock and heritage vehicles.

Grinsty rail specialist will supervise the whole project including re-design and refurbishment of your project from initial concept design, testing to after sales support and spares management.

About Us

Grinsty Rail Interiors Division is an independent SME company. Its activities focus on the management and refurbishment of all types of rolling stock seating. The interiors division has many years of experience with a highly competent team with many years of expertise in the railway industry. We supply Interior seating and associated components to meet our customers’ design, specification, quality and on time in full deliveries, along with an after sales, and spares service.

Some of the services we offer

Drivers and Co-Drivers Seats

We are specialists in the refurbishment of Train Drivers & Co Drivers Seat assemblies. We completely dismantled the seats replacing any damaged or broken parts or assemblies then rebuilt them using original works instruction and using original OEM parts. The seats are returned to the customers in their original build condition.

Cut and Sew

Manufacturing of seat cover assemblies from customer templates or drawings. We have the capability to quilt face panels, top stitch, French stitch (decorative stitching), piping, embroidery, and cooperate branding.

Seat assembly & Trimming

At our fully equipped facility our experienced team can strip seats, removing the old material (moquette), replenish or replace the foam; re-trimming all styles of seat design with fire retardant materials.

Who we’ve worked with

Cab Seat Upgrade SSL

During an upgrade to the SSL stock cab seats, Grinsty Rail Interiors Division worked closely with the OEM of the seats. This work involved a complete re-design of the seat’s vertical and horizontal sliding and locking mechanisms, along with work on the comfort of the seat’s squabs and cushions.

Brighton Belle

The Brighton Belle project was a restoration of the most famous Electric Train to run between London and Brighton between 1933 and 1972. This was the largest and most complex rail restoration project in the UK.

Class 378

The Class 378 project was the refurbishment of 57 five car vehicles for LOROL Trains fitted with longitudinal seating like underground seating. Grinsty rail scope of work was to produce new seat cover assemblies.

Bespoke services

Here at Grinsty Rail Ltd Interiors whilst we have a vast knowledge of the railway seating industry we are also happy to take on other industry requirements or Bespoke projects such as automotive, airport seating , stadiums and sports arena seating; theatre seating , hospital seating, hospitality, ferries, ships and cruise-liners. We Specialise in corporate and hospitality seated venues and we offer a bespoke service which includes embossing and embroidery.

Whether it be a one off piece or volume order whatever the size or scope of your project Grinsty Rail Ltd Interiors welcome the opportunity. We can assist you in every aspect of your seating and interior décor requirements including an aftercare service.

All our seating refurbishments and bespoke jobs are fully compliant and we ensure that all products meet regulations and each manufacturing process is carried out with strict adherence to quality and durability. We aim to satisfy the customers specifications and exceed their expectations.

We work in unison with our clients at every level and aim to fulfil the given requirements of each stage of the supply chain.

Pullman 1960 Dining Car

Grinsty Rail have recently taken part in the filming of the Channel 4 documentary ‘Great Rail Restorations with Peter Snow’.

The restoration project was a rusting and tired Pullman dining car, one of the very last batch to be made in Britain.

Grinsty Rail helped by transforming the seats in the dining car back to their former glory.

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