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Our expertise covers a multiple layered platform of solutions to address your needs within your sector.

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From Trains to Stadia, your seating needs can be addressed in a proactive and professional manner, delivered by years of experience and knowledge.

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Who we are

Combining experience spanning over 50 years in Electronics and Interiors within the Rail and related sectors, we are armed with the capabilities to fulfil your requirements.

Knowing an industry, or a sectors requirement is where you are able to give a much better and informed decision on the facts, this gives you the overarching ability to think outside of the proverbial box.

At Grinsty Rail we have that knowledge in abundance, from an Electronics interface on a Data Recorder, to a Fireguard requirement on a specific seat, right through a problem  that you didn’t realise you had whereby we can then help to give you a solution to a problem that has been long time in trying to resolve.

Based across two sites in the West and East Midlands, we are able to offer services that cover a remit from an overhaul and service, to design and development across a spectrum of products and services.

With our industry accreditations underpinning the businesses and our memberships of supporting alliances, we are in a great position to help you today or in the near future.

Case studies

Custom Solutions

The long-term future of electrification in the UK rail industry has been regularly discussed particularly when severe winter weather can highlight its inherent weakness when covered in snow and ice.

Class 378

The Class 378 project was the refurbishment of 57 five car vehicles for LOROL Trains fitted with longitudinal seating. Grinsty Rail’s scope of work was to produce new seat cover assemblies.

Product Development

On 6th April 2019 customers reported that their On Train Monitoring Recorder (OTMR) date reverted back to 21st August 1999.

What makes
Grinsty Rail

Adaptive & Responsive

Our agile and collaborative approach to solving a problem means that we can be responsive to the needs of our customer base as well as adapt to the problem with a systematic approach.

Technical capabilities

With a significant number of years’ experience at a technical level, we are confident that if you have a problem, we will have the knowledge to find a solution.

Bespoke service

Solution Provider that can give expert advice and tailored solutions with the ability to work within a defined budget. Grinsty’s team are proficient in aiding productivity and collaboration with various layer of complexity.

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