We specialise in the design, manufacturer and service of electrical equipment in a number of sectors including for example the Railway Industry.

Innovative Electronics and Hardware Solutions

Our specialist knowledge and unique competencies in rail transportation electronic and electrical assemblies allow us to offer you sustainable solutions to improve performance and reduce costs

Grinsty Rail has many years of experience in this field, with a portfolio of OEM electronics hardware along with services for contract and custom design work within rail transport.

Our competent team with many years of railway expertise and broad references working closely with train builders, TOC’s, and ROSCS’s allows us to offer an exclusive insight, ability, and exceptional value finding solutions to unique business challenges; this includes, bespoke designs, re-design for obsolescence hardware or anything else in-between within Rail.

As well as our OEM range of products, Grinsty Rail works closely with customers to help deliver bespoke hardware solutions as part of our contract manufacturing service. Using our unique skills and experience to design, manufacture, build and support our customers with a quality, timely and feature rich products.

Our high standards grant our customers have peace of mind when it comes to a quality supplier, while helping to solve their difficult challenges. We work closely with our customers, rather than for, meaning we truly understand the challenge and can advise on the best solution forward.

Some of the products we offer

  • On-Train Data Recorders (OTDR)
  • Remote Condition Monitoring (RMD)
  • Driver Safety Device (DSD)
  • Driver Interface Unit (DIU)
  • PCMCIA Card Reader & Cards
  • Condition Monitoring Software
  • Asset Data Gateway Software

Some of the services we offer

Reverse Engineering

Imagine being asked to copy an electronic product with no circuit diagrams or software listings, this was exactly what our engineers were asked to do!

Custom Solutions

The long-term future of electrification in the UK rail industry has been regularly discussed particularly when severe winter weather can highlight its inherent weakness when covered in snow and ice.

Product Development

On 6th April 2019 customers reported that their On Train Monitoring Recorder (OTMR) date reverted back to 21st August 1999.

Design to Manufacture

Grinsty Rail offer electrical and electronic design and manufacturing outsourcing, with the quality and service you would expect from your own business. Our policy is to actively assist and support customers throughout the product life cycle, promoting close ties with the customer to obtain design for manufacture, reducing cost and lead time while improving reliability.

Products can be designed to conform to any relevant standards including EMC and CE qualification. The design department generates full documentation including detailed bill of materials. 

Grinsty Rail has the expertise to design and manufacture a wide variety of products. Services offered include:

Electronic, electrical & mechanical design

PCB layout

Software development

Conventional, surface mount & mixed technologies PCB assembly

Selective conformal coating

Looming & wiring

Console, cabinet  & box build

Environmental testing

De-Icing Systems

The De-icing system provides the rail operator with the ability to accurately dispense anti-icing fluid such as ‘Magic Ice’ and ‘Kilfrost’ or de-icing using diluted Ethylene Glycol onto conductor rails. Using an intelligent laser track detector, the dispenser can auto change and apply to the correct rail, to save cost and improve efficiency, while being environmentally friendly. The system eliminates the problems associated with ice formation on the surface of conductor rails and helps to ensure a more reliable service during difficult winter conditions.

DR3000 On-Train Data Recorder

The DR3000 is a flexible and powerful On Train Data Recorder (OTDR) for all existing and new build rail vehicles. The ability to have a combination of over 128 channels and built in Remote Condition Monitoring makes this recorder a go to solution for those looking for a user-friendly, robust, flexible and advanced system. With its full accident investigation capabilities, supporting driver safety, vehicle analysis, predictive and proactive maintenance abilities, the DR3000 is an all-round essential for train owners, operators and manufacturers looking to benefit from exceptional value.

DR2000 Remote Monitoring Device

The DR2000 is a multi-channel, fully configurable rail approved Remote Monitoring Device (RMD). The RMD helps form part of a Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) system which results in improved efficiencies, reduced costs and managing risks of vehicle assets. Our RMD has been designed to integrate with existing data recorders, intelligent systems and a variety of sensor inputs.

Driver Safety Device

The Driver Safety Device (DSD) Vigilance Unit is a key component of the DSD vigilance system suitable for use with Diesel or Electric Multiple Units, locomotives or other railway traction units. The DSD ensures that in the event of an unresponsive driver the train will come to a safe stop.

Product Datasheets

You can find information on our products via the datasheets available below.

CAN Gateway

CPM 2000






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