Naim Kapadia, Head of Engineering at Grinsty Rail, presents at productronica 2023

We are thrilled to share that our very own Naim Kapadia, Head of Engineering at Grinsty Rail, recently took center stage at productronica 2023 in Germany. This is a prestigious international trade fair dedicated to the development and promotion of the electronics industry, and Naim’s presence only served to further establish Grinsty Rail’s contribution to this dynamic field.

Kapadia’s Dual Presentations for IPC

In his enlightening sessions for IPC, a globally recognised trade association, Naim Kapadia delivered two impactful presentations. The first focused on the Factory of the Future through an SME lens, outlining the IPC-CFX journey and the potential of smart factories in electronics manufacturing. In the second presentation, he described their proactive “Journey to Sustainability”, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly practices in the industry’s future. Both talks offered valuable insights and showcased Kapadia’s forward-thinking vision.

IPC’s Role in the Electronics Industry

The IPC is renowned for developing and publishing industry standards for electronics manufacturing and assembly. These standards cover a broad spectrum of topics, including materials, processes, and product performance.

Grinsty Rail’s Commitment to Innovation

At Grinsty Rail, we’re incredibly proud of Naim’s achievement. His contribution to the discussions at productronica 2023 not only reflects his personal commitment to innovation but also underlines our company’s dedication to driving the electronics industry forward.

Looking Towards the Future

As we look to the future, we’re excited about how these insights and developments will shape our work at Grinsty Rail. We remain committed to leveraging the latest technology and standards to deliver the best for our customers and the industry as a whole.


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