Grinsty Rail join the Railway Industry Association

We have recently become a member of the Railway Industry Association (RIA). RIA is the voice of the UK rail supply community, helping to grow a sustainable, high-performing, railway supply industry, and to export UK rail expertise and products. We, at Grinsty Rail, felt it was important for us to join and support this important railway association, and the many benefits of membership.

RIA events are a great opportunity to network and learn from other members of the rail industry. At these events, we have the chance to discuss the latest technical advances in rail transportation and share our own innovation ideas. We are always looking for new ways to improve rail transportation, and these events provide an excellent forum for exchanging ideas. We are looking forward to meeting other members at one of the many RIA events, especially those concerned with Technical and Innovation in rail transportation. These events are a great opportunity to learn from our peers and make new connections in the industry.


We specialise in production and refurbishment of transport & leisure seating.


We specialise in the design, manufacturer and service of electrical equipment in a number of sectors including for example the Railway Industry.

Let’s work together

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